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moonlight sonate Are you looking for a log cabin, to live in? Are you worried about planning, are you looking for a fully insulated building, are all the log cabin companies giving you stupidly high prices, do you own your own Holiday Park? Or may be you have fishing lakes and are looking for quality, quantity and a fair price?

pilskalni latvijā Fed up with the sales patter, well! is the number one in the UK for Residential Log Cabins, Insulated Timber Frame Cabins, Highly Insulated Timber Frame Mobile Homes, and so much more.

kubina pavel What stands us apart from is our quality and pricing, we offer a lot more for a lot less!

nepareizas dzīves skola offices are situated in Lithuania and Latvia, why?

karostas cietums video Because we have 1/5 of the worlds forest next door!

kolorowanki walentynkowe Our aim is to provide the customer with not just quality built buildings, but also manufacture our structures in timber that is of the highest quality, hand picked first from the stupendous amount that is sent to the rest of the world, we are the guys that acquire not just the best but the very best timber for all of our timber frame cabins to live in, or highly insulated timber frame glulam lodges, or our Highly superb massively insulated Park Home Mobiles.  !

preiļu arodvidusskola That is one reason our Glulam cabins are the best in the world, due to our ability to hand pick from the best graded lumber to start with, there is no other company on the net offering our grade of glulam!

corbeau carrera There are many places in Europe and the European boarders where timber cabins, timber frame buildings, be it Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, that have OK timber, prices are low, but sadly knots are in abundance in the timber.

jocuri yuma In addition, the ring growth is wide apart, as temperatures never fall below minus 15 in these areas, great timber starts from Northern Ukraine and moves up and above the Urals.

ukrainas grivna The timber from Bosnia, Croatia, Romania is great for small buildings, like sheds, small 5m x 5m cabins and the like, but for large timber framed buildings if you are happy with young knotty timber, then prices are extremely competitive!

isku furniture This is not a harsh assessment of these areas, just a point of fact.

stulbi joki Olives from Margate are not as good as Olives from Crete! (Terrible analogy)

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ilga jansone The UK has many great Designers, Architects and Highly skilled carpenters, and these carpenters are able to build some amazing structures, however 90% of all the timber used in construction in the UK is from either the (Baltic regions, Russia, Sweden Finland), Very Cold Climate areas.

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asana joga Sadly when quality timber is landed in the UK it is normally snapped up straight away and bought by companies who manufacture high end dwellings.

irijas karte This is why we have over the years grown in strength as our quality is now recognised as top-notch stuff! (One of our valued clients assessment of us)

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neodium magnets So getting back to the beginning of our blog are you looking for a log cabin to live in?

ramji bildem Or a Residential Timber Frame to live in?

izvelkamais dīvāns If you are, then please send us an email, and lets see what we can do for you, with in your budget confinement.

fakti par latviju Typically, we are 40% to 53% cheaper than an average UK manufacture.

trond kverno If you are looking for a building that keeps you warm, dry, and built from the very best timber in the world, speak to the guys from the woods, not the city!

honest comparative Our typical timber frame spec for residential living will be C24, with extremely high U values.

zāļu izgatavošana Please follow this link to see our huge range of residential log cabins to live in!

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campground puerto rico LogCabins.LV do not settle for less!

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