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ardf ukraine Our video bank on you tube (Thanks Google) contains over 50 videos.

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esences sia With in our videos you will see everything from Garden Log Cabins, Glulam Twin Skin Educational Buildings, Timber Frame Housing, Camping pods and so very, very much more!

topdesk torrent What we would like you to do is look at how we manufacture our buildings, unlike 99.9% of other manufactures we actually enjoy showing off our production lines, which we believe gives you the opportunity to view how your building-timber structure-cabin-chalet are manufactured!,

vestra w Also for you to observed which machines are used, most are brand new and are fully computerized, which means your cabins, timber buildings are precision made.

tobrex alcon Our timber is with out doubt some of the best on the planet, we hand pick every plank; we only use FSC, KD, C24 for structural elements.

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