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susie meister The Clock House Log Cabin is our personal design, we were the first to design it, the first to manufacture it, and the first to offer it to the public, and over the 9 years it has been in production, we have not only given the LV Clock House since the first one came off the production line thicker stronger purlins, better quality windows and doors, thicker flooring and so very much more.

pierasti ieraksti Bespoke Clock House Log Cabins 5.5m x 4m 809In the industry Log Cabins LV are well known for our 4000+ designs, and our ability to manufacturer pretty much any kind of building, be it a house, hotel or a 25m tower.

betula papyrifera We are also able to offer a bespoke service second to none!

ragazze piccanti Here we are proud to show a bespoke designed Clock House Pavilion that was custom made for the bowling club.

giulia francesconi Bespoke Clock House Log Cabins 5.5m x 4m 810If you would like something similar to this design, or have your own, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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korporatīvais klients Our Sunshine Clock House just took on a new Look!

viprati pipes At Log Cabins LV we try and push the boundaries of design, and concept.

bahti joga The Sunshine Clock House design displays not just that a timber frame fully insulated clock house can deliver such a serious statement.

budgie pics Sadly, not everyone can afford such a flamboyant garden building, but its nice just to design and to showcase this kind of design.

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foremost poets torrent Log Cabins LV.. And All Our Partners.

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enterohepatischer kreislauf Skinners-Sheds in Sussex have just sent us these amazing photos to show all you people out there, how well they erect cabins and not just small 5m x 3m 34mm cabins.

fondazione lanza Its takes skill and a great building team to tackle a twin skin residential. Skinners-Sheds knows how to do it with ease!

landhaus ines If you are looking for a quality cabin, then please send us an email or please fill out the form on find a dealer page!

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makaroni ar gaļu Here are some new photos kindly given to use by uk-logcabins.co.uk. We are able to offer many different styles of cabins, be that a garden office, or a nail bar, as the only manufacturer to be able to offer all our 3000 designs in numerous thicknesses and different build type, be that a quality timber frame house- garden home office or home gym, glulam laminated log cabins or round hand made scandinavian log cabins! Over the years we have designed thousands of different buildings, and as each day passes we add more designs  to our range.

jika zeta If you are looking for a bespoke design log cabin, timber frame garden office, Residential Cabin, A quality Park Home, please do not hesitate to send us an email.

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livejournal cut There are so many clock house log cabins on the market, all of them are a copy of our original, and we are always telling people to be watch out for awful copies. Here is one reason why, if you look at the first photo you will notice the purlins are pathetically small, and cut into the apex at 45 degrees! This means Mr Gravity wins, as the purlins once put into an apex at 45 degrees only work 50%, and with small purlins to start with, you are going to get a very saggy dangerous roof!

ergo auto You will notice our purlins, ( second Photo down) are double in size to the awful copies on the internet, and cut 90 degree’s into the apex, which gives you 100% of the purlin holding up the roof!

dziļākais ezers latvijā Our advice to you, is please fill out our form to find a dealer and speak to a specialist that knows about construction, and timber buildings. Unlike 99.9% of companies on the internet selling massed produced rubbish log cabins, we actually care about our customers, design and safety first before price.

tc olimpija Pathetically slim-cheap  Purlins! ( sat in apex at 45 degrees, ) (Who ever manufacturers a clock house log cabin like this was thinking money first, and safety be dammed!)

clock house log cabins

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grēku plūdi Double thick purlins! Cut into Apex at 90 degrees, safety before price. Only from logcabins.lv

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darts noteikumi The very first  4.8m x 3.6 Clock House, photo attached.This unique building which is of our design, now adorns so many UK and European Gardens.

vaivaru nami Sadly very bad replicas of this building are now littered all over the market place, most are dangerous as their specification in timber thickness is wilfully under sized due to profit first and safety second.

bērni par mīlestību if you are looking for a quality Clock House Log Cabin, then our Clock house Log Cabins are with out doubt the best in the market place.

triatel mobilais internets Our huge selection of Clock Houses Log Cabins and Our Unique Aurora Log Cabin truly are the best  in the cabin industry.

sapņa tulks If you are looking to bespoke your Clock House log cabin, add rooms, add windows, lower the roof, what ever your needs. Please do not hesitate to send us an email, or give us a call!!

brooklands automobile All our cabins are available in Timber Frame Construction, Engineered Laminated Timber Scandinavian Log Type, And our 44mm solid wood construction.

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semināri jums This is the very first 5.5m x 4m Clock house !

kalanchoe thyrsiflora the first ever

anglijas telefona kods Below the best selling Clock House in Europe. Flat Packed Log Cabins lv  350

perindopril metabolism Do not settle for less. logcabins.lv the number one for quality log cabins.

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sela latvia Our Clock House Log Cabin is with out doubt the best on offer on the market to date.

tievēšanas maratons There are many reasons why our clock house is the best!

tukuma ziņas (1)  The design is totally unique to us.

praulienas pagasts (2)  We manufacturer it first! And offered it to the market more than 10 years ago.

fgc barcelona manresa (3)  We did more than 3 months of testing on the structure!

boracay diving (4)  Our clock house log cabins are the most robust one’s on the market to date

venedig izmir (5)  Our roof beams are the thickest on the market to date.

arzte gegen tierversuche (6)  Our Roof beams site at 90 degrees in the apex

būri suņiem (7)  Our Purlins are 45mmx 250mm, which is double to most other copied dangerous versions

paātrināts pulss (8)  Our Windows and Doors are hand made and are exceptional quality, with CE approved double glazing units.

saunu izbūve (9)  All our log cabins are manufactured using the latest, most modern machinery giving a flawless finish every time.

tabula khl If your looking to purchase a Clock House Log Cabins and are not sure who to trust with your hard earned money, then the only choice you really have is the Original manufacturers of this iconic Buildings. logcabins.lv, the name synonymous for quality in garden buildings and log cabins.

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